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Hiring employees is a crucial part of the growth process for any business. Whether it’s for basic staffing needs, new innovations, or improving internal processes, hiring a new employee can take your organization to the next level. For startups and companies operating for decades alike, hiring employees can also free up your own time for leisure or other business-related tasks. 

This guide will explain the step-by-step process of how to hire employees using Recooty—an applicant tracking system (ATS) and recruiting software. We’ll also cover some challenges you might face while hiring employees and how to overcome them. I’ll even show you some alternative solutions that might be better suited for certain scenarios. 

Step-By-Step Guide to Hiring Employees

Step 1: Sign Up For Recruiting Software

The days of posting open job positions in the local newspaper are long behind us. The best way to hire employees is by using online recruiting software. These systems come in all different shapes and sizes, such as applicant tracking systems (ATS) and all-in-one HR solutions with built-in hiring tools. 

Recruiting software allows you to manage your entire hiring process within a single source of truth. It’s the best way to post job openings, attract top-level talent, and ultimately find the best candidate for the job.

Recooty makes this process really easy, even if you’ve never used recruiting software in the past. You can sign up for a 15-day free trial to try Recooty’s premium features at no risk.

Signing up takes less than a minute. You just need to fill out a simple form with your name, website, and company. Recooty will send you an email to set your password, and you’ll be able to start hiring immediately. 

Recooty even has a free-for-life plan for single users, although the features are a bit limited on that package. To get the most out of Recooty, you’ll want to go with the Pro or Ultra plans—starting at $29 and $49 per month, respectively. Sign up for an annual contract to save 20% on your subscription.

In addition to its simplicity, Recooty has all of the tools you need to succeed as you’re hiring new employees. 

The platform allows you to post open positions on multiple job boards and social networks simultaneously. You can also use Recooty to set up a branded careers page on your website.

Reecoty lets you manage your talent pool, review applications, and schedule interviews with the most qualified applicants. We’ll discuss some of these features in greater detail as we continue through this tutorial.

Step 2: Determine What Positions To Fill

Next, you need to evaluate your company and figure out what positions need to be filled. 

In some cases, this is really easy because an existing employee quit or was fired. Other times, you might be creating a completely new position within your organization. 

If you feel like you need to hire lots of employees, don’t overwhelm yourself. Identify just one process or department in your business that needs the most assistance, then determine exactly what’s needed. Depending on the size of your company, you may want to consult with managers and other employees during this evaluation process. 

Once you’ve figured out what position needs to be hired, click Add Job Opening from your Recooty dashboard.

From here, it’s time to write the job description. 

Start with the job title and more information about the job’s requirements, responsibilities, and benefits. Explain the common tasks that are expected for this position. Go into detail about what a typical day might look like once the candidate has been hired and onboarded.

Job descriptions are a great way to sell your company to prospective candidates as well. The job should sound appealing to top-level talent. 

Make sure to include information about your benefits packages, like 401(k) matching, health insurance, dental, vision, and more. Include other perks about your organization, like work from home opportunities or free snacks in the break room. 

You’ll also need to include information about the job’s location and whether employment is full-time or part-time. I recommend adding salary information in the job description as well.

Step 3: Post the Open Positions Online and Sift Through Applications

Once you’ve added a job and written the description, Recooty makes it easy to post your jobs online. 

Just navigate to the Broadcast menu of the job you created in the previous step. Then click the Finish button to continue. 

Recooty will automatically publish your open jobs to the world’s most popular job boards. The opening gets listed on Monster, ZipRecruiter, Facebook, and more.

This enhanced visibility will help you attract a wide range of potential candidates, all with the click of a single button. This is much easier than posting jobs on each of these platforms separately.  

As candidates begin applying for this open position, you’ll be able to manage those applications directly from your Recooty dashboard.

It can be tough to narrow down which applicants are the most qualified to fill the position. But I’ll share some tricks on how to ease your burden a bit later in this tutorial. 

Step 4: Schedule Interviews With Qualified Candidates

Once you’ve sifted through the applications, narrow down a shortlist with three to five qualified applicants. This select group of individuals has made it to the next phase of your hiring process—the interview.  

Interviews are designed to help you learn more about an applicant that you can’t see on a resume or application alone. 

It’s your chance to ask them some scenario-based questions about the job and get a feel for their personality as well. Will this prospective hire fit in well with your existing company culture? Do they have the ability to follow instructions? Can they handle constructive criticism?

To manage your interviews with Recooty, just navigate to the Interviews menu and click Schedule Interview.

From here, you can select a candidate that’s already in your Recooty pipeline. Then set the date, time, and interviewer. Recooty also lets you clarify the type of interview, such as in-person, video conference, or phone call.

Once the appointment has been set, you can have Recooty automatically send an email to the candidate and interviewer confirming the interview. 

While Recooty doesn’t have built-in capabilities for actually facilitating the interview, you can include a Zoom link, Google Meet link, or similar alternative in the message along with the appointment details. 

Step 5: Select the Best Candidate and Send a Job Offer

After the interview process has been completed, you should have a good idea of who is the best fit for the open position. Now it’s time to formally extend a job offer to that candidate.

To keep your hiring process organized, Recooty lets you move people through the pipeline with a couple of simple clicks. 

Select the candidate you want to hire and either click Assign at the top right corner of the screen or Assign to Opening at the bottom of the screen—both of these buttons open the same pop-up window:

Now just select the open position that you’re filling and move the candidate to the Offered stage of the hiring pipeline.

When you’re writing an offer letter, it’s important to include all of the fine details for the candidate to consider before they officially accept the job. 

This is your opportunity to send information and instructions for things like background checks and drug screenings as well, if applicable to your hiring process. 

You can also have your HR department prepare the necessary hiring documents, like Form W-4, Form I-9, NDAs, Non-compete forms, direct deposit forms, and more. 

3 Top Benefits of Hiring Employees

Increase Workforce Capacity

Adding new members to the team can free up some bandwidth for your current staff and ultimately increase your total workforce capacity. This can be helpful when it comes to meeting seasonal demands and scaling your company alike. 

New employees can improve inefficiencies in your process and reduce the burden on the rest of your staff. Overall, this will help improve everyone’s productivity, especially if your existing staff feels overworked. 

Bring New Ideas and Skills To Your Business

Businesses can only grow so much with the same people. Eventually, new skills will be required to take your organization to the next level. 

For example, you might decide to hire a CFO to help assess the long-term financial outlook of the business. This person can improve the way your company manages cash flow and risk for investment opportunities. Or maybe you’re seeking a project manager to oversee new initiatives in a specific department—the possibilities are endless.  

More Free Time For Yourself

In many cases, the owner of a business can find themselves overwhelmed. I can relate to this from first-hand experience. As difficult as it might be to relinquish control of certain operations, hiring new employees is the only way to scale and free up your own time.

Some of you might be working 80 hours per week and want to cut your hours down to the 40-60 range. Or maybe you’re aspiring to be like Tim Ferris and work just four hours per week so you can spend the rest of your waking hours with family, friends, and traveling. Whatever the case might be, hiring employees is the only way to free your time. 

3 Biggest Challenges With Hiring Employees & How to Troubleshoot Them

There are a few potential problems you might encounter as you’re hiring new employees. Fortunately, Recooty makes it easy to resolve those issues.

Attracting Candidates on Your Website

Sometimes posting open positions on different job boards isn’t enough. Listing those jobs on your website is another great way to expand your reach.

Recooty has a built-in solution to help you create a branded career page on your website. Just click Career Page from your Recooty settings dashboard to get started.

You can add your logo, color scheme, contact information, and link your social profiles to this page as well. Add a description of your business and include some information about the company culture. 

Whenever you add a new job in Recooty, the listing will automatically get published to your career page as well.

Alternatively, you can embed new jobs on your website using Recooty’s job widget shortcode or WordPress plugin.

Now all of your jobs will be listed on your website, and candidates can apply directly from this page.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Hiring Process

Is your hiring process actually working? What stage of the pipeline is backlogged or causing problems? Where are your applications coming from?

It’s tough to answer these questions without seeing the numbers. But Recooty has built-in reporting tools to give you a visual representation of your hiring process.

This type of information is really useful for businesses that hire new employees on a frequent basis. It will help you improve your hiring process and ensure that you’re hiring top-level talent as soon as possible. 

Any delays or problems with the hiring pipeline could cost you money. So it’s important to evaluate the reports on this page. 

Qualifying Applicants

You might be getting a ton of applications for a single position. But how many of those applicants are actually qualified to do the job?

Nobody wants to manually sift through dozens or potentially hundreds of applications. Fortunately, Recooty has a few different tools to make this process easier.

One of my favorites is the filtering options for applications in your pipeline. You can easily narrow your list by experience level, skills, and rating. 

This is the fastest and simplest way to narrow your application results. Then you can review the shorter list of candidates and schedule your interviews from here.

Other Options For Hiring Employees

This post showed you how to hire employees using Recooty. But there are other recruiting tools out there that might be a better fit for your situation.

Recooty works well if just one person handles all of the hirings. But if you have a larger organization with an entire hiring team, JazzHR has collaborative hiring tools to accommodate your needs. 

While Recooty posts open positions to some of the most popular job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and Monster, it’s a bit limited compared to other systems on the market. In contrast, Workable has 200+ job boards in its network.

If you want to use your recruiting software to onboard new hires, you might find Recooty to be a bit limiting beyond the interview scheduling. Greenhouse takes this process one step further with a complete employee onboarding process. 

  • JazzHR — Best collaborative hiring solution for SMBs
  • Workable — Best recruiting software with largest network of 200+ job boards
  • Greenhouse — Best for hiring and onboarding new employees

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