The Top 5 Job Posting Sites for Employers

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Failing to promote job openings is a common problem for businesses. Luckily, job posting sites are here to help. We have reviewed and tested many on the market today and complied a list of the best ones.

The Top 5 Job Posting Sites for Employers

  • Indeed – Best for Candidate Reach
  • FlexJobs – Best for Remote Job Posting
  • Glassdoor – Best for Building Brand Awareness
  • AngelList – Best for Startup Job Posting
  • LinkedIn – Best for Connecting Directly With Candidates

What Is a Job Posting Site?

A job posting site is where you can post an advertisement for any open position you’re hiring for. The purpose of doing so is to attract the best candidates for the role. 

All companies can benefit from using job posting sites as it widens their reach, but different sites are sometimes better for various sectors. 

Promoting a job more broadly means you should get an excellent pool of candidates at the end. 

Do I Need To Use Job Posting Sites?

The answer in most cases is going to be yes.

Different businesses need different things, but it’s fair to say that using job posting sites today is expected. 

If you believe your reach is extensive enough or you’ve employed external recruiters or have other methods, you may not need to use the sites, but this isn’t always the case for all businesses. 

We’ve listed some key decision factors to help you decide if using job posting sites is the best course of action for you. Be sure to weigh these factors against your business’s needs. 

You Need To Find a Great Candidate Fast 

Sometimes you need to find a great candidate, and there’s no time to lose. You’ll need a place that goes far and wide and reaches a huge pool of potentially great candidates.

Enter job posting sites.

Getting your job posted on a site like Indeed or LinkedIn will allow you to reach tons of people within days and sometimes hours.

With Indeed’s sponsored service, you’ll also be highly visible and will appear at the top of search results—increasing your chances of finding the right fit quickly.

You Need To Hire On The Go 

You might be traveling and need to spend the least amount of time possible recruiting, interviewing, and hiring. Ideally, you need to be able to check in on the hiring process from your phone. 

Most of the biggest job sites have dedicated mobile apps that allow you to quickly see the progress of all applicants.

Not to mention that most job seekers use their mobile devices to search for jobs in the first place. Indeed is specifically designed to be used on the go, for example. 

Whether you’re on a phone or tablet, there are full mobile apps provided and ready to use, wherever you are for most job sites these days. 

You Need To Keep Recruitment Costs Down 

External recruiters cost upwards of $20k+ per hire. It is usually a percentage of the new hire’s annual salary. If your business can afford that, a recruiting agency may be a good fit for you. 

However, other companies will want to save money and keep recruitment costs down as much as possible. 

Job sites like Monster can cost $249 per month for one job, and a standard subscription can cost $449 per month for two jobs. Other job sites will be even less.

When you compare the costs to that of external recruiters, it’s clear that job sites are a more affordable option.

Keep in mind this won’t be the best option for all businesses.

You Need To Increase Your Brand Awareness 

Every position you post on a job site will have its own page. These pages can be optimized for the right keywords, allowing thousands of job seekers to become aware of your brand.

Through a job post, you’ll need to communicate the ethos and values of your company succinctly and professionally.

The better you can do this, the better quality the talent that will come your way.

A byproduct can be multiple pages that rank on search engines and help get you more exposure, which is especially important for smaller businesses that need to gain traction.

In the long run, this will ensure that top talent sees your future open job positions and applies to you first.

Indeed – Best for Candidate Reach 

Indeed is the largest job site in the world, with 250 million monthly users and 10 new job listings added every second. 

This considerable reach means you can connect with a pool of top talent. All you need to do is create a free account, build up your job post, and post it. 

You can add screening questions to verify applicants’ skills and list required skills for the job so that only relevant candidates apply.

What’s more, you can view and sort CVs, send messages to applicants, and even schedule interviews all on the same platform. Jobs you post are editable 24/7, and you can add, pause, or close them whenever you want. 

You can also pay to sponsor a job ad. Sponsored posts are over 3.5 times more likely to result in a hire. Best of all, sponsored job posts remain displayed in relevant search results for as long as you pay to keep them there.

Indeed is free to use but sponsored job posts will cost you based on a daily budget pricing model—the spend here will depend on the number of clicks you receive for that job post. Post your new job position for free today.


  • Straightforward and easy to post jobs
  • Access to a vast and diverse talent pool
  • Applicants are ready for an organized review in one spot


  • Could benefit from a fresh look and new visuals
  • Customer support can take some time to respond
  • It can be expensive if not using the free version 

FlexJobs – Best for Remote Job Posting

FlexJobs is the best job posting site for remote and flexible job openings.

You’re able to post as many remote jobs as you want and have unlimited access to the platform’s resume database. You can search for relevant candidates at any time, giving you access to a diverse and talented remote talent pool.

You can find local, national, and international candidates using custom geographic parameters—making it easy to assemble the best candidates from around the world.

You can automatically send job listings and sync trackable candidate data through welcome ATS integration. Other add-ons, including virtual job fairs, webinars, and even targeted email blasts cost more but increase the functionality on offer.

There’s also a dedicated employer team to support and help you out should you have any issues.

Keep in mind that only employers with a well-established and positive online standing are considered here.

FlexJobs starts at $299 per month, and you can opt for 12 months of use for $2,699.00. The best value here is the $729.00 per quarter option. You can sign up with FlexJobs today and may submit up to five job postings for free.


  • Created explicitly for posting remote and flexible positions
  • Customer support is friendly and efficient
  • Unlimited job postings and resume searches


  • The price of various add-ons can be high
  • Posting a job does not guarantee it’s listed
  • You must be well-established online, limiting who can post

Glassdoor – Best for Building Brand Awareness

Glassdoor is the best job posting site for building brand awareness, as it reaches a pool of over 50 million candidates every month, and job seekers are almost twice as likely to apply when seeing an employer’s branded content.

Keep in mind that three out of four users are also more likely to apply to an open job position if the employer is active on Glassdoor.

The platform is well known for its ability to convey company values and stories, and employers can use this to their advantage.

You can optimize your employer profile with photos, respond to and request more employee reviews, and even feature the best reviews to help you stand out among the other job postings.

You’ll want to tell potential applicants why you’re a great employer to work for, and Glassdoor allows you to do this through enhanced custom profile content and audience targeting insights.

What’s more, you can target jobs on competitor profiles and go above and beyond to attract top talent. You can use free tools to turn employee reviews into a competitive edge and respond to them to show job seekers that you care about your workers.

Glassdoor for Employers doesn’t list its prices outright, but it comes in three tiers with increasing features: Free, Standard, and Select. You can sign up and get started for free today.


  • Easy to use and powerful content features
  • It’s free to start your employer profile and build awareness
  • Audience targeting insights let you focus on top talent


  • Higher plans lock some great features
  • Add-ons like brand advertising can be expensive
  • Some users find the interface confusing

AngelList – Best for Startup Job Posting

Over 100,000 of the world’s top startups, from seed to post-IPO, started their teams on AngelList.

There are 2,300,000 active candidates, including 750,000 developers and over 170,000 designers, with many more joining each day.

You’ll be able to post jobs, find applicants, and manage talent with AngelList’s free tools. With those tools, you can build up your employer brand to make you an irresistible choice for candidates.

You can also manage multiple candidates and receive applications for free.

Sponsored job postings are available to boost your posts further, and interview scheduling is quick and easy to set up.

AngelList also features one of the best candidate search tools that will integrate with most solutions. 

AngelList is free to use, but the Pro plan costs $250 per user per month for unlimited access to all features and candidates. You can get started for free today.


  • Access to an exclusive candidate pool
  • It’s easy to set up automation features
  • Great candidate search tool with integrations


  • The messaging system can be slow 
  • You can’t post in some desirable locations
  • Customer service needs improvement

LinkedIn – Best for Connecting Directly With Candidates

LinkedIn is the best job posting site for directly connecting with candidates. Not only can you review candidates’ applications, but you’ll also see their profiles and can connect with them, too.

You can prioritize candidates on both desktop and mobile with filtering and management tools and rate those who are an excellent match for your company. LinkedIn also allows you to add other people of interest to your virtual network.

Posting a job is easy, and you can even use job description templates to help you here. Once that’s done, the platform uses insights to match your chosen criteria with an individual’s skills and experience.

You can see which candidates meet your credentials with screening questions and other skills assessments.

On-demand support is available via live support, or you can submit a ticket to receive help within 24 hours. If that doesn’t suffice, there’s access to LinkedIn’s Help Center, which features a database of over 100 searchable articles.

There are no fixed prices for posting a job to LinkedIn—instead, you set a budget to increase your job’s promotion, and you can control your spending from there. Post your first job today.


  • Powerful insights match your exact criteria to profiles
  • You can recruit and connect with candidates directly
  • Customizable templates to speed things up


  • It can be expensive for smaller businesses
  • The customer service needs to be more responsive
  • The platform can glitch during use and slow down


There are job posting sites available for many different types of businesses. The necessities of each will vary between companies.

That said, Indeed and Glassdoor are great choices for most businesses. Indeed has an unrivaled reach and is quick and easy to use. Glassdoor is excellent for building up brand awareness, and you can focus on top talent at the same time.

  • Indeed – Best for Candidate Reach
  • FlexJobs – Best for Remote Job Posting
  • Glassdoor – Best for Building Brand Awareness
  • AngelList – Best for Startup Job Posting
  • LinkedIn – Best for Connecting Directly With Candidates 

Job posting sites are helpful as you can find candidates, increase brand awareness, and keep recruitment costs down. Think carefully about the best for you before jumping in with one to maximize your hiring budget.

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