15 Companies With Unlimited PTO that are Hiring

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You’ve probably heard of PTO (Paid Time Off) as it’s a standard benefit that almost every company offers its employees.  

In the last few years, though, more progressive companies have started to move to a different type of paid time off, that’s far more flexible and appealing to most employees; called unlimited paid time off (or Unlimited PTO).  

This type of time off lets employees decide when they take paid time off work and trusts them enough not to abuse the policy, but instead to use it to boost productivity by prioritizing their wellness and health. Unlimited PTO is so popular that some of the world’s biggest companies use it, with more switching to it every year. 

We’ve put together a list of 15 companies that offer unlimited PTO and that are hiring right now. If flexible time off and a progressive company culture sound good to you, then keep reading to see if any of the job openings might be right for you. 


Netflix may be well known for its streaming services and cultural impact, but it’s also progressive in how it treats its employees and offers unlimited PTO. 

In their, policy, they describe why they started offering unlimited PTO to employees, stating:  

“We don’t track hours worked per day or per week, So why are we tracking days of vacation per year? We should focus on what people get done, not how many hours or days worked. Just as we don’t have a 9-5 day policy, we don’t need a vacation policy.There is no policy or tracking”

Along with a huge host of other benefits, Netflix employees can choose when and why they take paid time off. And, right now, Netflix is hiring for various roles, including: 

  • IT support specialist 
  • 3D designer
  • Lead Product Manager 

You can view all their job openings on their careers page. 


Hubspot is a well-known marketing and CRM platform that works with huge businesses across the internet. Not only does it support remote work and a diverse culture, but it also offers employees a completely unlimited PTO. 

A direct quote from their vacation policy says: 

“In addition to a company-wide week off in July, HubSpot has unlimited vacation. You decide when and for how long to take time off. Vacation can be used however you want; for tropical trips or flexible day-to-days. We also have Vacation Quota Relief (VQR) to make sure it’s truly unlimited for all.” 

Hubspot is always growing and has lots of openings for employees in the tech space, including listings for: 

  • Associate Security Analysts
  • Business Development Representatives
  • Customer Support Specialists 

You can view all their job openings on their careers page. 


Asana is a work management software company that offers employees unlimited PTO and flexible benefits. 

They often have new job openings because they are constantly expanding into new countries, and right now they have multiple listings including:

  • Head of Pricing & Packaging
  • Head of Corporate Messaging
  • Growth Manager, Strategy and Insights

You can view all their job openings on their careers page. 


Roku is a streaming video player that prioritizes productivity in its teams, and offers unlimited PTO to employees as long as goals are still being met. 

In their policy, they explain that trust is a big factor in why they use unlimited PTO, saying that: 

“An example of trust is the Roku vacation policy. For salaried employees, we don’t track vacations or have official holidays. Employees can take as much vacation as they think is appropriate, so long as they get their job done and do not block others’ work or deadlines (We simply check and give notice before taking a vacation).”

They have multiple job openings right now, including: 

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Planning Analyst
  • Creative Producer

You can view all their job openings on their careers page.


LinkedIn is a well-known social media platform for networking and job searching. They have a discretionary vacation policy that is basically unlimited PTO, although employees do need to get permission from a manager ahead of time. 

Although this might sound like a restriction, it’s really just to avoid scheduling conflicts with days off and vacations between employees. 

LinkedIn is currently hiring for multiple positions, including: 

  • Enterprise Account Director 
  • Customer Success Manager 
  • Marketing Data Foundations Manager 

You can view all their job openings on their careers page. 


Chegg is an educational support company that helps students with textbooks, exam prep, and practice, and it offers its employees a range of benefits, including unlimited PTO. 

Chegg’s unlimited PTO does come with one small restriction in that employees need to confirm their time off with a manager first, but this is really just so managers can plan ahead and cover absences.

Chegg is currently hiring for multiple roles, including: 

  • Subject Matter Expert – Economics
  • Lead Software Engineer
  • Senior Data Scientist

You can view all their job openings on their careers page. 


Kronos (also known as UKG)  is a workplace management software company that has been offering employees unlimited PTO since before 2017. 

The CEO actually detailed the reasoning, process, and results of moving to unlimited PTO, and said that the year they introduced the program was one of the best years the company had in terms of profit. 

Kronos is still going strong and currently has multiple job openings, including: 

  • Account Executive
  • Analytics Consultant
  • APAC Payroll Analyst

You can view all their job openings on their careers page.


Microsoft is one of the world’s most famous and successful tech companies and has recently decided to start offering employees unlimited PTO, proving that it’s a policy that works. 

Kathleen Hogan, Microsoft’s Chief People Officer stated:

“Beginning January 16, 2023, Microsoft is modernizing our vacation policy to a more flexible model and transitioning to Discretionary Time Off (DTO)….How, when, and where employees do their jobs has dramatically changed and DTO aligns with more flexible ways of working.” 

Microsoft is currently hiring for several roles, including: 

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Principal Renewable Energy Originator
  • Director, Relationship Marketing

You can view all their job openings on their careers page.


Skillshare is an online learning company with a long list of benefits for employees, including unlimited PTO with a minimum number of days required to be taken off by employees. 

In their benefits policy, they include a long list of employee incentives, including unlimited vacation (with a required minimum), up to 14 weeks of gender-neutral parental leave, and paid sabbaticals for tenured employees (every three years, starting at your 3-year anniversary)

Skillshare is constantly growing and looking for new employees and has multiple openings including: 

  • Growth Manager, Vouchers & Gift Cards
  • Technical Product Manager
  • Senior Fullstack Engineer

You can view all their job openings on their careers page.


Blackline is a cloud-based software company that offers employees unlimited PTO as a push to have happier, healthier employees, as outlined in their policy: 

“Healthy employees are happier and more engaged. At BlackLine, medical, dental, and vision coverage is taken care of by the company, along with unlimited paid time off and other perks to help you take care of your mental and physical health and wellness.”

Blackline has several job openings at the moment including: 

  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Senior Talent Manager 
  • Enterprise Sales Executive 

You can view all their job openings on their careers page.


Zoom is a hugely successful video conferencing company that puts a big focus on supporting their team through a positive company culture and flexible working conditions. 

As part of their vacation policy, Zoom includes something called My-Time-Off (MTO) which is essentially just unlimited PTO under a different name. As detailed in their policy, employees also get extra PTO on top of that for vacation or sick days: 

“Zoom observes 10 paid holidays per year, 7 sick days, and My-Time-Off (MTO), an extended vacation policy.” 

Zoom is currently hiring for multiple positions, including: 

  • Enterprise Account Executive
  • XMPP DevOps Engineer
  • Software Development Engineer- Backend – Payments

You can view all their job openings on their careers page.


Vimeo is a popular online video sharing platform with a global network of employees, and a big focus on supporting their team’s mental health and wellness. Not only do they offer employees unlimited PTO, but they also close at 1pm on days before national holidays. 

They are currently hiring for several positions, including: 

  • Account Executive 
  • Associate Marketing Analyst 
  • Customer Success Manager 

You can view all their job openings on their careers page.


Rhino is a successful security deposit company that supports renters and investors, and alongside a range of great benefits and incentives for employees, they offer an extremely flexible unlimited PTO, with a policy encouraging employees to: 

“Take the time you need, when you need it. We offer unlimited paid vacation time, holidays, and sick days.”

As a growing company, Rhino has several open positions they’re hiring for, including: 

  • Compliance Analyst 
  • Senior Accountant 
  • Growth Marketing Lead 

You can view all their job openings on their careers page.


SoFI is a finance company that helps customers plan for and navigate debt, and they offer employees unlimited PTO for exempt employees and generous benefits policy for nonexempt employees: 

In their policy, they offer paid time off, including vacation, bereavement, jury duty, sick leave, disability, and parental leave, as well as flexible PTO for exempt employees, generous vacation and sick time for non-exempt employees and holidays and SoFi Fridays (for exempt employees). 

SoFi has lots of job openings for people with financial backgrounds, including: 

  • Fair Lending Analytics Manager
  • Investment Specialist
  • Consumer Finance Strategy & Analytics

You can view all their job openings on their careers page.


Grubhub is a well-known food delivery service, and they have a range of great benefits for employees, including flexible and unlimited PTO. As detailed in their policy, this unlimited PTO covers exempt employees, but nonexempt employees also get a generous vacation policy. 

Grubhub is currently hiring for multiple positions, including: 

  • Workplace manager 
  • Robot Field Delivery Coordinator
  • Enterprise Sales Executive

You can view all their job openings on their careers page.

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