Lars Lofgren

Lars is the Chief Growth Officer and Co-founder of Stone Press. Before that, he managed multiple departments across several startups.

Lars Lofgren

Rippling Review

​​Rippling is a cloud-based human resource management solution that also offers excellent payroll processing tools. It goes a step beyond the norm by incorporating employee-related IT features that most HR programs don’t include. Designed to

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BambooHR Review

BambooHR is a software that offers a range of services to employees and HR professionals. This includes recruitment, onboarding, reporting, managing compensation, and improving company culture. BambooHR can create custom workflows and automate key HR

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Paychex Review

Paychex is an award-winning tool that offers versatile payroll and HR services. It pays one in 12 private-sector employees in the United States and helps businesses calculate and file their taxes on time. The system

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