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The Guide To Business Survival, Volume I, 50 Answers Every Manager Must Know 

is a collection of timely and powerful knowledge compiled from the well known HR - "Tips of the Day", in addition to some of the most frequently asked questions from the archives of HR

Designed to provide a concise answer guide to many of the most frequent challenges encountered by today's entrepreneurial manager, Volume I is a necessity for leadership effectiveness at any level. Understanding the appropriate responses to employee issues, regulatory concerns and the components of business success, the guide can make the difference between victory and failure in the today's competitive business climate.

Authored by HR founder, Bob Hoffman and his virtual consulting team, this highly readable, encyclopedia provides important tips and workplace guidance which have been critically acclaimed by the over 50,000 visitors to the HR website.

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"I've had only the most informative and productive experience on this website. And I thank you for a prompt and comprehensive response to my questions. I highly commend your work."

Sally Kiester, Stanford University School of Education

"This service is invaluable as it provides feedback and answers to critical questions that are currently impacting the organization."

Michele Blagmond, Community Impact

"Higher quality, better responsiveness and more cost-effective than an internal HR group. Get HR advice on my terms with my timing needs and quality demands. Very adept at drilling down to meet just what I need. Thank you"

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Just some of the questions which are answered in Volume I:

  • What are the ten secrets to become a more effective manager?
  • When does an office romance qualify as sexual harassment?
  • What are the liabilities of Internet Recruitng?
  • What are some mistakes managers make when implementing progressive discipline or terminating employees?
  • What is the best way to deal with a disruptive co-worker?
  • What are a companies record retention requirements?
  • What must be considering before designing a bonus program?
  • Can companies legally read employees email without notification?
And 42 more questions and answers that are packed with powerful strategies critical to anyone leading employees or running a business!

Additionally, as a courtesy for your purchase, you are entitled to a 50% discount for a one hour interaction with an HR consultant. Log onto HR Advice and spend one full hour online or on the phone with one of our HR pros for only $ 49.90. Ask us to help you about policy development, resolve employee relations issues, write a training module or any other Human Resources issue challenging your business today.

Just order the Guide to Business Survival, Volume I, and your purchase confirmation email will include a discount code, which can be included in future uses of HR consulting services. You will not receive any additional charges unless you request consulting services separately.

Order your digital or spiral bound (designed for copying) edition or call toll free 877-854-0469, indicating name, shipping and billing address and credit card number with expiration date. Registered users of HR will receive a 10% discount off the cover price!

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