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Receive answers to your workplace questions from degreed Human Resources professionals with at least 10 years HR experience for only $7.95 per month. Customized responses within 2 hours delivered to your desktop or via phone.

Grow your business
to the MAX!

Embrace change,
meet expectations,
define organizational culture

Resolve challenging
workplace issues

Achieve excellence,
job satisfaction
and positive results

Create or modify
Human Resources
Policies and Programs

The guide to salary, benefits
and incentives in the workplace
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Why spend massive consulting dollars or tedious hours on Human Resources research, seminars and publications, when HR can be your information source? Specializing in the areas of Employee Relations, Business Planning and Strategy, Recruiting, Human Resources Policy, Compensation & Benefits, Training, Development and Performance systems, HR is your personalized real-time workplace solution.

Staffed by degreed professionals with a minimum of ten years Human Resources experience, HR provides Trustworthy, Confidential and Reliable information to ease your workplace demands.

All services are guaranteed and your membership is all inclusive!

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